Beat Licensing Breakdown

FeaturesBasic LeaseUpgraded LeasePro LeaseExclusive Rights
Instant beat delivery via download link & emailcheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Royalty Free Salescheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Untagged 320kbps MP3 audio filecheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Untagged 1411kbps WAV audio filecheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Use in live shows and band performancescheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Use in music videocheckboxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Use for TV or Radioxcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Individual WAV files of each instrument or soundxxcheckboxcheckbox
Ability to rearrange beat to your likingxxcheckboxcheckbox
100% ownership, beat can no longer be soldxxxcheckbox
Number of sales allowed for each beat3,0006,0009,000Unlimited
Updated on April 10th, 2015 at 7:22 pm