Isso Beats History

Isso Beats is formerly known as Isso Productions and has been in the beat making game for over a decade. I have created hundreds of beats over the years and sold instrumentals to independent musicians in many countries all over the world.

Isso Beats still remains a small independent operation to this day and I don’t plan on changing from the independent mentality. I know the struggle of the independent artist and understand the astronomical effort it takes to make something happen on your own in the insanely competitive music industry.

In late 2012, two of my websites were hacked (Isso Productions and The Music Tip, which is no longer operating) by a malicious Saudi Arabian hacker. Being hacked caused a lot of trouble in my website operations and ultimately resulted in a complete shut down of the entire Isso Productions business. Unfortunately, Isso Productions died for a while until I got some spare time to get my material back online.

I decided that I would reincarnate my music website as a slightly different brand and share my music with the world again in 2015. After hundreds of hours of work and a tireless effort, I finally got Isso Beats back online again and functioning better than ever. Take a glance at some of the old versions of Isso Beats below!

Old Isso Beats Photos

Updated on September 28th, 2016 at 6:37 pm