Free Soundfonts

Soundfonts can be used to make some really good sounding beats if you know how to layer, effectize, mix, and EQ them properly. I’ve used many soundfonts over the years and I’d like to offer the producers and future beat makers that visit this website a special gift for free — several high quality soundfonts for your music making arsenal! There is over 1 gigabyte worth of soundfonts in this section, and it’s all offered to you for free. No registration, no sign up, no tweeting or liking, all free baby! To download any of the free soundfonts, simply right click the soundfont link and save the file via the pop-up context menu!

The soundfonts aren’t perfectly organized or labeled, but there are some really good quality free soundfonts in this section and then there are some that aren’t too great. I went ahead and uploaded all the soundfonts in my collection, so you can go through them and see which ones you do and don’t like.

Producer Tip: Try adding some reverb and additional sound effects to these soundfonts if you really want them to stand out in your tracks. Also, EQing these free soundfonts to their proper frequencies will help increase the sound quality.

Watch My Short Video Tutorial And Lean How To Use Soundfonts In FL Studio 12

Free Brass Soundfonts

Free Choir Soundfonts

Free Drum Soundfonts

Free Flute Soundfonts

Free Sound FX Soundfonts

Free Guitar Soundfonts

Free Orchestra Soundfonts

Free Organ Soundfonts

Free Miscellaneous Soundfonts

Free Soundfont Banks

Free Piano Soundfonts

Free Planet Hip Hop Soundfonts

Free St. James Orchestra Soundfonts

Free String Soundfonts

Free Synth Soundfonts

Free Thor Synth Soundfonts

Updated on February 8th, 2017 at 12:38 pm