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You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of this e-book because the value and content that you receive can be used for a lifetime of learning piano chords and scales. Before you decide, I’d like you to view a free 15 page PDF preview of the 274 page piano chords and scales e-book below!

piano chords and scales ebook

For only $4.99, my huge piano chords and scales e-book gives you the following:

  • 274 pages
  • 600 chords
  • 564 scales
  • 1,164 total variations
  • 12 piano keys
  • Introductory lessons
  • Separated chapters for slower PC’s
  • Instant digital download
  • High resolution print version
  • 1,164 audio examples

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is the recommended software for playing the embedded audio files of this e-book.

Isso Beats’ Piano Chords and Scales e-book comes equipped with a total of 274 pages containing 1,164 different chords and scales. *As a bonus, each individual chord and scale throughout the e-book is accompanied by a playable audio example inside the PDF e-book file. By using these audio examples of each chord and scale, you can easily create new ideas for chord progressions and scales to use in your next musical project!

Do you want to learn new chords or scales on your piano or keyboard? Are you a novice piano or keyboard player and have the desire to learn the many sounds a piano can create? Perhaps you don’t have time for music lessons and just need a reference book of piano chords and scales near your playing area, or maybe you use a midi keyboard to create your music and would like to have a digital reference book on your computer that comes loaded with embedded audio examples of all the chords and scales.

If you decide to purchase the Piano Chords and Scales e-book from Isso Beats, you can instantly download the e-book and start learning new chords and scales on your piano or midi keyboard right away.

Updated on April 19th, 2015 at 4:55 pm